My name is JR Rolando

I’m a front-end developer + designer. (occasionally)

I’m currently looking for work opportunities


About Me

Hello, again! My full name is Rolando JR Gaoat, but you can call me JR 😎.

I ❤ creating beautiful, clean, and exceptional user interfaces and digital experiences. As a <developer/>👨‍💻 and designer👨‍🎨, I can integrate and bring you the best of both worlds 🌎.

After graduating, I moved to Shanghai, China to teach high-school level Computer Science and Mathematics. I taught students basic programming skills using Python and also led various middle school STEM-related co-curricular activities, such as the FIRST® LEGO® League where students compete to build a robot and develop programs for it using Scratch.

Currently, I am back at home in Toronto, Canada due to the on-going pandemic. Being back home has reignited my passion for building and creating products for the web. With the sudden shift towards reliance on more online technologies, I hope to refine my skills so that I can create a more accessible, aesthetically-pleasing and intuitive online experience for everyone.

My most recent toolkit



A web app for visualising and tracking personal expenses in order to meet financial goals. Sign up for an account, add your purchase, and it will automatically update and display on the interactive calendar, data table and pie chart.

To preview a demo, use this account to sign in:
Email: demo@jrlnd.dev
Passsword: jrlndpw123

Next.jsTypescriptFirebaseMaterial UI

An animated and interactive landing page for my personal portfolio. Learn more about myself, some of the projects I have worked on, and explore some designs I've made. You're already on my portfolio so explore around!

Next.jsContentful CMSGraphQLTailwind CSS

A web app for real-time cryptocurrency market prices and news updates. Get up-to-date and in-depth data on popular cryptocurrencies, crypto markets and exchanges, and view the latest crypto news.

ReactReduxRecharts.jsTailwind CSS


Besides websites, I also enjoy designing logos, user interfaces, mobile apps, and other marketing materials.

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